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  • Rated “Excellent” By Dog Parents

  • Rated “Excellent” By Dog Parents

  • Quick Waterless Pet Shampoo
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  • Cleansing Natural Pet Shampoo
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Why Choose Fluffay?

We believe that products we use for our pets should be as good as the products we use for ourselves.

Recommended by Vets

Highest quality formulations
give the maximum health benefits

Safe & Effective

Hypoallergenic, non-toxic ingredients
that are safe for daily use

All Natural Formula

EWG Green Grade & formulated with your best friend's pH balance in mind

Veterinary Dermatologist Approved

“One of the most exciting innovations in pet care, Fluffay is a safe alternative to conventional pet shampoo brands.”

Dr. Catriona Lylia

“My patients love it! It’s tough to find a trustworthy pet care brand. Fluffay delivers 100%”

Dr. Alex Schmidt

“I recommend Fluffay to our patients looking for a natural and more better ways to clean their pet. My own dogs love it too!”

Dr. Jonathan Blake

Over 80,000 Happy & Healthy Pups

  • Less itching
  • Much calmer
  • No limping
Rey R.

Dino had itching and skin issues for many years, now all those problems have been resolved. I know i did the right thing by stopping those itches

Lisa W.

Sugar is one of the most difficult cat to wash. We just got our dry shampoo from Fluffay and she LOVES it. You absolutely have a customer for life.

Theresa C.

My dog has her life back. I have tried everything - Odor control oil, anti-itch powder, you name it. I found the “Miracle Shampoo!


Its a miracle for the both of us as she stops scratching and can sleep peacefully.

Together we can save them all

“I love, love, love the Fluffay dog care line! The shampoo is the perfect remedy, and it smells so good. After washing, her hair was so soft and fluffy!”

Jane M. Verified Buyer

The easiest way to clean your pet

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